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EP Henry Grand Prize!


Join the Celebration! Angersteins celebrates 90 years !


E P Henry is a manufacturer of pavers that are several times stronger than concrete and more durable than asphalt. This four-generation family makes this fine American-made product, and offers THE BEST warranty in the industry – not just on the product but also on the installation.* That’s why they are at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to designing an outside patio, pool, walkway driverway and more. EP Henry also offers a huge selection of colors, textures, and shapes so you can make the patio of your dreams. It is because their good reputation and long-standing history in the community, which mirrors that of Angersteins Building Supply, that we have chosen to giveaway a beautiful, long-lasting, memory-making paving stone patio by this pretty fantastic company. All of us at Angersteins hope that you enjoy this amazing opportunity to own an EP Henry paving patio of your own……and thank you for your 90 years of patronage.




-225 sf of any, in stock EP Henry paving stones

-Aggregate & Sand necessary for a standard installation

-polymeric sand for a standard installation to seal pavers and reduce penetration of weeds between them

-snap edge for the perimeter of the patio

-one delivery charge in New Castle county, Delaware

- deliveries outside of New Castle county Delaware will incur a surcharge

- installation: EP Henry will pay for install. A $10,000 value!

Not included in prize:

-Wall systems are not included but can be purchased separately

-taxes and fess associated with winning a randomly-drawn free prize

Heart of Winter Sale at Angersteins


In this French County home the fireplace is the focal point of this living room. With heating costs on the rise  a wood burning stoves lead the industry in efficiency to help reduce fuel costs.

 Fireplace Wilmington, DE

Shop our Heart of Winter  Vermont Castings Fireplace SALE! 

Vermont Castings

Safety Tips for the Holidays


Will you soon don the parka and embark on the annual quest for the perfect Charlie Brown holiday tree? Or simply descend the stairs and fetch the ever-symmetrical artificial tree from the basement?

Either way, be smart about fire safety, especially if you have a fireplace or freestanding stove. They belong together during the holidays – but not too close! Although indoor tree fires aren’t common, when they do occur, they’re more likely to be serious. That’s according to the U.S. Fire Administration.

Keep everyone in your home safe by following these simply safety tips:

Placement: When choosing a spot for your tree, make sure there is a good amount of space between it and your fireplace or freestanding stove. It really doesn’t matter if your unit burns wood, pellets or gas – it makes fire, so keep the tree a safe distance away.

Fire Resistance: When purchasing an artificial tree, make sure it is rated fire resistant. All trees will burn if exposed to flames, but trees that are manufactured in this manner will resist fire and extinguish faster than those that are not.

H2O: If you have a live tree, water it every day. The heat in our homes dries trees out fast, and they can easily become fire hazards. By keeping the water reservoir full at all times, you know you’re doing everything possible to keep your tree hydrated.

Waste – Not! Don’t ever burn wrapping paper or cardboard boxes in your fireplace or stove. They can easily escalate out of control and cause a flash fire.

For more information about preventing holiday tree fires, visit the U.S. Fire Administration’s website.

Harman Stoves

source: Harman Stoves

Interior Design Trends


Hues of blue fuse with green tones, morphing into one of the most sought-after colors of the season: Teal. Pantone notes that the shades of green so popular earlier this year are evolving into these deeper, luxurious shades of teal, embracing a soft, versatile look for Fall.

A sophisticated and refined addition to any room, teal embodies elements of simplicity and discriminating taste. At the same time, teal offers a vibrant pop of color that can enhance an otherwise lackluster neutral-based space.

Arteriors Viola

source: Arteriors  Home

Holiday Style Makeover


Angersteins is proud to be working with Dallas Shaw on her DKNY holiday style project. Dallas worked with Kristen Ursomarso to hand pick two Arteriors chandeliers from Angersteins to be featured in the project.


Dallas is an illustrator for top designers and fashion houses and has appeared in numerous publications, advertorials, and shopping sites offering personal style picks, expert advice, and industry knowledge.

The Harding chandelier is a sculpture waiting to be hung.

Arteriors Harding Chandelier


The Adele Pendant

Arteriors Adele Pendant



Portable Generators


Not sure what size Portable Generator fits your needs? Use our Wattage Reference Chart to determine the best Generator for your needs!

The dependable Energy Storm Series Portable Generators are Great for:

  • Contractors
  • Emergencies
  • Homeowners
  • Job Sites
  • Social Events
  • Weddings

storm series generator

Tricks of the Trade from Murray Feiss Designers


A great lighting strategy can do so much more than create a safe, inviting atmosphere in your home. With the right lighting scheme, you can dramatically enhance your home’s aesthetics (and value) by accentuating its best features, and de-emphasizing “problem areas.” Here, the world renowned lighting designers from Murray Feiss offer their exclusive tips and tricks!

Murray Feiss

Creative Ceiling Solutions

  • To make low ceilings seem higher, bounce light from up-lighting fixtures (like torchiere-style wall sconces) to visually “raise” ceilings.
  • To highlight dramatic Cathedral or beamed ceilings: Use wall sconces to cast uplight, emphasizing beamed ceilings.
  • To disguise rough or patchy surfaces, keep lighting off of the ceiling by using only downlighting. Imperfections in a surface will be less noticeable without direct light shining on them. Beautiful, decorative fixtures (such as chandeliers) can also serve as alternate focal points.

Accent Lighting Tips

  • Highlight textured surfaces for a fascinating look. Whether it’s a tile
  • backsplash or a stone fireplace, textured surfaces should be brought to life with the proper accent lighting. For the best results, “skim” the surfaces with a slightly-angled light.
  • Consider backlighting decorative objects. Placing a simple light behind decorative fixtures, like plants or sculptures, creates a fascinating accent lighting effect. This works particularly well with accent pieces that have translucent components, like glass or even the water in fountains.

Winter Sale on Pellet, Gas and Wood Stoves


Heatilator Sale

Heatilator® products are well-crafted heating sources run the gamut from fireplaces to gas logs, providing gas-burning solutions to make any space feel like home. View our online catalog

Portland Williamette

Portland Willamette the complete line of fireplace furnishings

Harman Stoves Sale

Harman™ produces and manufactures more than 36 models of stoves, inserts and central heating units burning wood, coal, pellets, corn and other alternative biomass fuels. The company also holds several patents and award-winning technologies. View our online catalog


vermont casting - sale

Harman Pellet Stoves – SALE!


Heat Your Home with Wood Pellets – Save 20% off Until October 31st
Wood pellets have become a popular form of heat because they are environmentally friendly, extremely clean burning, and cost- effective. Wood pellets are made of wood by-products (such as sawdust, wood chips, and other wood waste products) of varying qualities. These byproducts are run through a pelletizing machine which produces pellets measuring approximately 1/4” diameter by 3/4” long. Pellets can vary in cost, depending on the quality and ash content. Pellets are packaged in 40-lb. bags for easy handling.

The P38 Plus is a robust, eco-friendly heating option. A compact design accommodates tighter spaces and provides more installation possibilities. Don’t worry—what the P38 lacks in size, it makes up in heating power.Harman Pellet Stoves


  • 38,000 BTUs — heats 800 to 2,200 square feet, based on climate and home efficiency
  • 50 lb. hopper capacity
  • Keep your room temperature exactly where you want it. Exhaust sensing technology constantly monitors and adjusts heat levels within 1 degree

Kitchen Lighting Tips – Angersteins


Island counters and breakfast bars demand a combination of task and general lighting. A very good solution is to add a group of miniature pendants.

Mount each pendant so that the bottom of the shade is approximately 66″ above the floor so it is possible to look across the room below the pendants. If the shades are not very deep and there is seating at the kitchen island or peninsula, install the pendants a few inches lower (60″ above the floor).

In general, you should install one pendant for every two feet of counter space and try to use an odd number of pendants to create better balance. Thin, narrow pendants, however, might look more pleasing with the addition of one or two extra fixtures.

Angersteins lighting SKU 9840-IB sku5773-AS sku9240-EB-SM


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