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Interior Design Trends


Hues of blue fuse with green tones, morphing into one of the most sought-after colors of the season: Teal. Pantone notes that the shades of green so popular earlier this year are evolving into these deeper, luxurious shades of teal, embracing a soft, versatile look for Fall.

A sophisticated and refined addition to any room, teal embodies elements of simplicity and discriminating taste. At the same time, teal offers a vibrant pop of color that can enhance an otherwise lackluster neutral-based space.

Arteriors Viola

source: Arteriors  Home

Lighting Tips


Lighting your entry area, don’t just concentrate on the inside lighting. The lighting outside your entry area, as well as the way the inside light is seen from outside your home, combine to create your home’s welcoming appeal. Be sure to direct some of the outside light downward to illuminate walking paths. And once inside, provide some overhead light to eliminate unwelcoming shadows.

Outdoor Lighting

Some favorite chandeliers from Currey & Co:

Delaware Lighting


Keep in mind that light that shines upward or directly toward people’s eyes can create uncomfortable glare. Sooner or later, some of your guests will visit the powder room. Everyone feels better when they like what they see in the mirror, so choose light bulbs that flatter skin tones. And fixtures with an unexpected pop of texture and pattern can turn an otherwise ordinary space into an interesting private retreat.

In the living area, whether enjoying family time or entertaining, proper lighting makes every activity more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. An important element to a perfectly lit living area is proportion. Add the number of feet in your room’s length, width and height. That number (in feet) should be approximately the same as the number of inches of your light fixture’s height. Also, that fixture should hang 78-84 inches from the floor (as measured from the bottom of the fixture).

Favorite chandeliers from Crystorama:


Our favorite picks from Troy! Shop our website or showroom. Tax free and free shipping over $50.

troy lighting

Angersteins Lighting Center


If you are remodeling or building a new home and wish to find unique home decorating ideas and products, you’ll find an exciting array at Angersteins Design Center!  You will also find some great ideas to update your office or workplace. Our selection of chandeliers, fans, table and floor lamps, outdoor lighting, pendants, bath lighting, prints, mirrors, fireplaces, patio furniture and grills will help make your home comfortable and inviting.

Whether it’s a fireplace, a shower door or an entire house of lights, let Angerstein’s staff provide the expertise for all of your interior and exterior home improvements.

Amazing new arrivals in the store and on line.

Visual Comforts now for sale on our site!

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Lighting is Art: Angersteins


Lighting is Art:

Lighting as art? Absolutely. If you look at home decorating magazines and websites, often, lighting is the focal point. Soft contemporary, or transitional, is the top trend in lighting now, and continuing into 2013. Round chandeliers make a bold statement, and soften the angular corners of a room. Two of my favorites are the Flatiron by Troy Lighting and Palla by Crystorama. If round is a little too bold, try a softer oval chandelier such as the Murray Feiss Kinsey pendant. If bling is your thing, they make beautiful pendants from all kinds of exotic materials. Examples include Currey & Company’s Alberto, with turquoise beads, the Roundabout with crystal facets, and the Sahara which is a hand-pierced nickel plate.

lighting trends - angersteins

Page 20 of 26Outdoor Living…Take it Outside:

Outdoor rooms are becoming more popular than ever, and it has gone way beyond patios and grills. As the E. P. Henry company, the premier family-owned and operated manufacturer of HardscapingTM products in North America, has stated, “An outdoor living space is a place for you to enjoy the natural beauty of your backyard with the comfort of the indoors.” Flat pavers are being replaced by richly textured paving stones such as Bristol Stone. They add texture and interest to your patio. To help define your style, select an appropriate gas or wood firepit. The Outdoor Great Room Company’s Key Largo contemporary fire pit with crystal beads is a great focus piece in your outdoor living area. Take your outdoor room a step further, and add really comfortable furniture such as the Rustic collection’s sectional sofa by Summer Classics. And, for your outdoor kitchen, choose from a multitude of fun accessories such as the beverage caddy, condiment tray, wood chopping board with disposal bin, or an icemaker!

outdoor design

Accent Home Décor with Meaning:

A neutral, sophisticated pallet is popular again this year in home décor. It is the perfect backdrop for the highly stylized accent pieces that really give the flavor and meaning to a space. Look for eye-catching pieces such as large wicker, bamboo and water hyacinth baskets. I also love the smooth, grey-taupe of reclaimed wood that gives the appearance of age, but is fashioned in modern shapes. One of our favorites is the Gabby Home demilune table with linen inset doors. And finally, have fun with over-sized, unique accents such as a lantern. They are pictured everywhere – hanging over dining tables, sitting on the steps outside your door or placed on a sideboard.

design accessories

By Kristen G. Ursomarso Angerstein’s Building Supply & Design Center 315 New Road Wilmington, DE 19805 tel. 302-996-3500

Get Ready for The Holidays – SALE!


THE BIG DECORTAING SALE THIS WEEK! Home Accents, Lighting & Fireplace sale… up to 20% off. We have busy hanging new arrivals!! Stop by the design center – lots of great gift ideas and everything you need to get ready for the holidays!



Lighting Your Home



lighting your home (Photo Credit: Hubbardton Forge)
Lighting can make a big difference in the interior environment of your home. Good lighting used properly helps you to see better and perform tasks more easily. It also provides safety, security and a sense of comfort. Lighting and lighting controls also provide you with the flexibility to adjust and adapt the mood and ambiance of your home.

Lighting fixtures are ideal, and often inexpensive, accessories to supplement the interior design of your home. With an unlimited range of styles, shapes, colors and sizes, lighting fixtures can add sparkle and a final, finishing touch to your décor.

Properly used lighting should complement your lifestyle and meet your family’s needs. When planning your home’s lighting, keep these tips in mind:

  • Identify the activities that occur in each room (reading, food preparation, hobby work, grooming, laundry, homework, etc.).
  • Identify the mood or ambiance that you want to create in each space.
  • Identify any decorative elements you wish to emphasize, such as artwork or wall textures.
  • Identify areas with dark wall colors and finishes. These areas absorb more light than those with lighter finishes, so supplemental lighting may be required.

We can help you design and install your lighting. Call us today!

Fall Projects – Angersteins


As the economy continues to shift, so does the goals of consumers. Are we more cautious in making new purchases or remodeling endeavors; and how does that affect our spending habits?

“Kitchen upgrades still appear to be a top priority for homeowners”, says Kristen Ursomarso. “While the economy is improving,  the customers are still feeling the impact of the recession,”

Finding and spending the time and money to complete home remodeling projects may be difficult;  our customers are finding a way to do  both. We find the reasons why homeowners are remodeling remain the same, they take a more planned approach and projects are on a smaller scale.

They are spending their money on items used in their daily lives and are making strategic updates..

The outlook for bathroom and kitchen projects are very positive, many of our customers are remodeling within the next six months. Projects topping that list include painting, installing a new countertop and adding new lighting. Homeowners are also looking for trusted brands that will increase their projects’ impact on their homes, with long-lasting value and durability.

Outdoor Lighting remains a strong category for fall. Customers want to make use of their outdoor living spaces well into October. Creating a living space for fireplaces & firepits is always a popular update project this time of year.


Outdoor Lighting


Hinkley Lighting – Now at Angersteins


We are pleased to announce we now carry Hinkley Lighting in our design showroom. Hinkley Lighting continues to focus  on: quality,  variety, design, craftsmanship and superior materials. Since 1924, Angersteins have been helping customers with home improvements with great products & excellent service. Search our website for the best lighting & home decor.  Our selection of chandeliers, fans, table and floor lamps, outdoor lighting, pendants, bath lighting, prints, mirrors, fireplaces, patio furniture and grills will help make your home comfortable and inviting.

hinkley lighting hinkely 4102BB


Murray Feiss at Angersteins


Established in 1955, Murray Feiss began by offering a small assortment of porcelain figurine lamps that were topped with his mother’s hand-sewn lampshades, the brand has evolved over the years into one of the country’s leading manufacturers of decorative lighting products.  Murray Feiss – offers a variety of price points to fit any budget. Shop our new website or stop into our design showroom on New Road – just minutes from Greenville, Delaware.  We offer exceptional customer care and strive to exceed customer expectations each and every time.

Rustic iron w burnished wood wall braket by Murray Feiss

WB1591RI/BWD - murray feis


Six Light Burnished Silver Pendants by Murray Feiss

MFG #: F2707/6BUS - murray feis
Murray Feiss One Light Chandelier – available in brushed steel or dark bronze
F2706:1BS - murray feis murray feis

MurrayFeiss MFG #:10141ABZ/SLP

Lighting Trends – Angersteins



Our client made a bold statement with this stunning three-tier, oval pendant by @StonegateUSA Designs. The kitchen, a combination of white and chocolate brown sleek, designer cabinets, was the perfect backdrop for this raw silk beauty. A combination of manufacturer supplied fabric and COM allowed the customer to blend the lighting with the other fabrics in her decor. The result is a beautiful kitchen with a lot of personality.

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