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It’s Time to Take Advantage of the Savings with LED Lighting


The benefits of LED lighting in your home or office are being heralded everywhere – the local papers, magazines, blogs, websites, and just recently in the New York Times – see our post on  So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time. And here are the reasons why you should start changing out your inefficient lighting for the rightfully popular LED.

LED - Lighting Design


1.)   Long-lasting – LED bulbs last up to 10 times as long as compact fluorescents, and far longer than typical incandescent bulbs.

2.)   Durable – since LEDs do not have a filament, they are not damaged under circumstances when a regular incandescent bulb would be broken. Because they are solid, LED bulbs hold up well to jarring and bumping.

3.)   Cool – these bulbs do not cause heat build-up; LEDs produce 3.4 btu’s/hour, compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs. Common incandescent bulbs get hot and contribute to heat build-up in a room. LEDs prevent this heat build-up, thereby helping to reduce air conditioning costs in the home.

4.)   Mercury-Free – no mercury is used in the manufacturing of LEDs

5.)   More efficient – LED light bulbs use only 2-17 watts of electricity – that is 1/3rd to 1/30th of what an incandescent or CFL bulb uses. LED bulbs save electricity, remain cool and save money on replacement costs since LED bulbs last so long.

6.)   Low maintenance – since LED last so long, there is no climbing on ladders to constantly change bulbs

7.)   Cost-effective – although LEDs are initially expensive, the cost is recouped over time and in energy savings. The cost of LED bulbs has gone down considerably in the last few years, and is continuing to go down. Today, there are many new LED light bulbs for use in the home, and the cost is becoming less of an issue.

At Angerstein’s Lighting we see these benefits helping our customers every day. At local clothing and shoe boutique, Peter Kate, they had problems with the halogen bulbs giving off so much heat that they had to keep their doors open – even in the winter months. Replacing the very hot and inefficient halogen lamps with LEDs made the store much more comfortable. Sandy Conley, manager of Angerstein’s Design Center, often works with local churches, such as Limestone Presbyterian, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd and St John’s Episcopal, to replace their inefficient lighting in the naves and sanctuaries. Lowering their energy costs allows them to give more to their community outreach programs. Brenda Robinett, who at Angerstein’s works with many of the local landscape designers, has noticed a huge increase in the sales of LED landscape lights. “Landscape light bulbs go out quite frequently for many reasons – heat build-up, bad electrical connections causing shorts, lawnmowers hitting the lights continuously. With the prices of LED landscape light fixtures coming down, it is easier for us to sell the low-maintenance benefits to the customer.”

Lighting Your Home



lighting your home (Photo Credit: Hubbardton Forge)
Lighting can make a big difference in the interior environment of your home. Good lighting used properly helps you to see better and perform tasks more easily. It also provides safety, security and a sense of comfort. Lighting and lighting controls also provide you with the flexibility to adjust and adapt the mood and ambiance of your home.

Lighting fixtures are ideal, and often inexpensive, accessories to supplement the interior design of your home. With an unlimited range of styles, shapes, colors and sizes, lighting fixtures can add sparkle and a final, finishing touch to your décor.

Properly used lighting should complement your lifestyle and meet your family’s needs. When planning your home’s lighting, keep these tips in mind:

  • Identify the activities that occur in each room (reading, food preparation, hobby work, grooming, laundry, homework, etc.).
  • Identify the mood or ambiance that you want to create in each space.
  • Identify any decorative elements you wish to emphasize, such as artwork or wall textures.
  • Identify areas with dark wall colors and finishes. These areas absorb more light than those with lighter finishes, so supplemental lighting may be required.

We can help you design and install your lighting. Call us today!

Fall Sale at Angersteins


Lighting Sale

In celebration of autumn, Angersteins is offering 20% off all lighting purchases – both in store and on e-commerce website,  From the website, they also offer free shipping for orders over $50.00 and tax-free shipping for out-of-state customers.

Lighting design - Murray Feiss

Inclimate Weather Early Buy! Don’t wait until the snow and ice are on the ground, and traveling from place to place in search of salt, sand, shovels, generators, sump pumps is dangerous. Stop by Angersteins Hardware store for the supplies you need. Mention “Early Buy”, and you will receive 10% off your purchases as well as a free LED pocket light. When you lose your electricity in a snow storm, you’ll be happy that you stopped by Angersteins!

Lighting Trends- Angersteins


Lighting has always been an intricate part of the design concept.  Once lighting is looked at like an accessory to compliment your overall design, it becomes easier to pick the light concepts that best fit your space.

Pendants often come in two or three like when hung over a kitchen island, but this new light trend is taking multiple pendants to new level.  A hot trend in interior design and lighting is hanging multiple pendants in a cluster at varying heights. Choose multiple pendants, the same pendant in different colors, or different pendants in the same style.

Clusters of pendants can add drama to modern style interiors or a whimsical effect in contemporary or rustic style interiors.


Murray Feiss at Angersteins


Established in 1955, Murray Feiss began by offering a small assortment of porcelain figurine lamps that were topped with his mother’s hand-sewn lampshades, the brand has evolved over the years into one of the country’s leading manufacturers of decorative lighting products.  Murray Feiss – offers a variety of price points to fit any budget. Shop our new website or stop into our design showroom on New Road – just minutes from Greenville, Delaware.  We offer exceptional customer care and strive to exceed customer expectations each and every time.

Rustic iron w burnished wood wall braket by Murray Feiss

WB1591RI/BWD - murray feis


Six Light Burnished Silver Pendants by Murray Feiss

MFG #: F2707/6BUS - murray feis
Murray Feiss One Light Chandelier – available in brushed steel or dark bronze
F2706:1BS - murray feis murray feis

MurrayFeiss MFG #:10141ABZ/SLP

Dining Room Lighting – Angersteins


Dining Room Lighting

Dining room lighting should be both beautiful and functional. This can be accomplished using a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting. These various layers of light establish the mood for a variety of functions, including dining, homework or family bookkeeping. Dimming controls will enable you to vary the light for each function. Please visit our new website – free shipping over $150 and tax free!

Lighting Techniques for the Dining Room

A chandelier is often the focal point of a dining room. Suspended over the dining table, it serves as a decorative element that enhances the beauty of your fine furnishings. When the light is dimmed, a soft, glowing atmosphere similar to candlelight is created. If equipped with a downlight, the chandelier provides task lighting for the table and accent lighting for a centerpiece.


Choose a chandelier that is 6″ narrower than the smallest width of the dining table. If your table is 48″ x 72″, then the recommended width of the fixture is approximately 36″. The chandelier should hang approximately 30″ above the tabletop in an 8′ ceiling. For each additional foot of ceiling height, add one inch. In a 10′ ceiling, the chandelier should hang approximately 32″ above the table.
source: American Lighting Assoc.

Recessed or track lighting provides ambient lighting, while enabling you to highlight prized possessions throughout the room.
A row of four recessed downlights around the dining table supplements the light from the downlights while providing accent lighting for your tableware.

Whether it’s a single bath light or an entire house of lights, Angerstein’s Design Center provides the services to fit your needs.

  • Free lighting layout & design
  • Blueprint takeoffs (Please call for an appointment.)
  • Product scale and style guidance
  • Suggestions on color coordination and finishes
  • Landscape Lighting layout & design
  • Patio Furniture layout & design
  • Custom-sized mantel design (Please call for an appointment.)
  • Installation of fireplace glass doors, mantels & surrounds
  • Delivery
  • Angerstein’s “90 Days Same As Cash” credit card for those that qualify
  • Home & Garden seminar series in the spring & fall
  • Builders Model Home and Special Packages available
  • Member of the American Lighting Association
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau


Featured Project: BBC Tavern and Grill



BBC TAVERN AND GRILL: Owner of Brandywine Brew Pub, Dave Dietz, really wanted to use local suppliers and artists in the creation of his beloved restaurant. The ambient lighting in the space, sconces and chandeliers, was speciifed by Dietz’s architect, and supplied by Angerstein’s Lighting. When it came to lighting the beautifully crafted bar, Angerstein’s used low-voltage cabinet lighting that provides generous light to show off their display of sprits. This type of lighting also easliy hides the wires and hardware from sight. Then, in the restrooms, Angerstein’s soften the hard lines with beautiful mirrors from Uttermost and World Imports.

Lighting Designers: Sandy Conley and Kristen Ursomarso – Angersteins

Architect: Richard Buchanan Archer Buchanan – West Chester, PA


Kitchen Lighting: Top Tips



pendant lighting - angersteins

Creating the best lighting design for your kitchen is like cooking a great meal. You have to have the right recipe and the proper ingredients.

To make sure you cook up the best lighting scheme for your kitchen, use a lighting professional. “There are many ways to light a kitchen, some better than others,” says Monty Gilbertson, CLC, manager and buyer for Lighting Design by Wettsteins in Lacrosse, WI. “That’s why you need a lighting specialist—to help with location, style, and whether or not to add dimmers. There are a lot of things an expert can bring to the party and make any room in the house more livable.”

The biggest mistake is not having a good mix of lighting that meets your needs. “When you talk to someone who doesn’t really know what’s new in the business, you may end up with only recessed can lighting,” says Barry Levett, owner and president of House of Lights in Mayfield Heights, OH. “Recessed lighting is great for creating a blanket of light, but not for bringing light specifically to where you need it.”

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be too much. “I have seen people not sure about what to do with their lighting keep adding recessed lights, instead of mixing the various lighting types,” says Steve Birdwell, CLC, salesperson for Bay Lighting & Design in San Francisco, CA. “The result is that they kill the room with too much light.”

When visiting a lighting showroom, be prepared. Bring a picture of your kitchen, if possible or at least know your kitchen dimensions. How tall is the ceiling? Where are the doors? How much space is there between the cabinets and the ceiling? How much space is there between the cabinets and the countertop?

If you are building a new kitchen, bring in a layout. “With new construction, we sometimes hear “This isn’t exactly how the kitchen will be but it’s close.” says Gilbertson. “But we need to know where everything will be—counters, cabinets. It’s critical to where you put the lights.”

If you are planning to update an existing kitchen, tell the lighting expert how much deconstruction you want to do. “If you are tearing the ceiling out, that is important to know because then we can add recessed lighting,” says Gilbertson. “If you don’t want to destroy the ceiling, then we have to go a different way with mounting installations.”

Consider asking the lighting professionals to make a house call. “Sometimes it’s easier when you see the physical space,” says Gilbertson.

Once you have the plan in place, use the same color bulbs throughout the kitchen so that the tone of the floor, counters and cabinets will all be the same intensity.

For more information, visit the ALA web site at or call toll free 1-800-BRIGHT IDEAS (1-800-274-4484).

The American Lighting Association is a not-for-profit association of leading manufacturers, retail lighting showrooms and sales representatives in the U.S. and Canada dedicated to expanding public knowledge about lighting.

Interior Design – Lighting Tips


Interior design expert Laurie Smith shows you how the decorative influence of a single table table lamp can add drama and complement a room’s color scheme. She also points outs how sconces and pendants can increase warm, ambient lighting in your home.


How can I determine the correct amount of xenon bulbs to place under a wall cabinet?
                                                         – Meghan F.

A good rule of thumb for calculating undercabinet lighting for xenon bulbs is to use approximately 54 watts per 6 square feet of cabinet or counter surface. For example, a surface that is 10 feet long and two feet deep equals 20 square feet. Divide 20 by 6, which gives you 3.33 (round down to 3). Therefore, you would need 3 xenon bulbs at 54 watts each.


Get Inspired: Lighting


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