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August Giveaway – Craftmade


August Giveaway: CRAFTMADE Ceiling Fan

For over past 20 years the Marra Family has brought excellence in design and quality construction. Angersteins has worked with the family on several projects where quality and value matter most in the finished product. Daughter Desiree Donofrio’s new home is this months feature. “Working with Angerstein’s was a wonderful experience, they made my dream become a true reality and to do that you need vision, love, and knowledge. We worked so hard as a team and I see it when I walk in my door.”

What began as a drab colonial has become a stunning “rustic chic” farm house that is perfect for family living. The lighting for the home was selected to bring a sense of fun and whimsy to each room, while also providing quality lighting for cooking, entertaining, reading, homework and more.


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DSCF1296 DSCF1327 Enter to Win a Craftmade Ceiling Fan – a $500 value. Craftmade Fan

Craftmade Fans: Energy conservation and rising fuel costs make ceiling fans a natural choice when it comes to conserving our natural resources. Ceiling fans not only circulate cool air in the summer, they also help with the movement of warm air in the winter.

During the summer months, a fan operating in the normal mode can reduce how cool you feel in a room by as much as eight degrees, allowing you to raise the air conditioner’s thermostat and reduce energy costs.

In the winter, fans should be operated in reverse mode to recirculate the warm air trapped at the ceiling. For maximum energy savings, turn your fans off when you leave a room.

More than just functional appliances, today’s fans have become an important design element in homes and are available in a wide array of sizes and styles.

Angersteins Lighting Center


If you are remodeling or building a new home and wish to find unique home decorating ideas and products, you’ll find an exciting array at Angersteins Design Center!  You will also find some great ideas to update your office or workplace. Our selection of chandeliers, fans, table and floor lamps, outdoor lighting, pendants, bath lighting, prints, mirrors, fireplaces, patio furniture and grills will help make your home comfortable and inviting.

Whether it’s a fireplace, a shower door or an entire house of lights, let Angerstein’s staff provide the expertise for all of your interior and exterior home improvements.

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Lighting is Art: Angersteins


Lighting is Art:

Lighting as art? Absolutely. If you look at home decorating magazines and websites, often, lighting is the focal point. Soft contemporary, or transitional, is the top trend in lighting now, and continuing into 2013. Round chandeliers make a bold statement, and soften the angular corners of a room. Two of my favorites are the Flatiron by Troy Lighting and Palla by Crystorama. If round is a little too bold, try a softer oval chandelier such as the Murray Feiss Kinsey pendant. If bling is your thing, they make beautiful pendants from all kinds of exotic materials. Examples include Currey & Company’s Alberto, with turquoise beads, the Roundabout with crystal facets, and the Sahara which is a hand-pierced nickel plate.

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Page 20 of 26Outdoor Living…Take it Outside:

Outdoor rooms are becoming more popular than ever, and it has gone way beyond patios and grills. As the E. P. Henry company, the premier family-owned and operated manufacturer of HardscapingTM products in North America, has stated, “An outdoor living space is a place for you to enjoy the natural beauty of your backyard with the comfort of the indoors.” Flat pavers are being replaced by richly textured paving stones such as Bristol Stone. They add texture and interest to your patio. To help define your style, select an appropriate gas or wood firepit. The Outdoor Great Room Company’s Key Largo contemporary fire pit with crystal beads is a great focus piece in your outdoor living area. Take your outdoor room a step further, and add really comfortable furniture such as the Rustic collection’s sectional sofa by Summer Classics. And, for your outdoor kitchen, choose from a multitude of fun accessories such as the beverage caddy, condiment tray, wood chopping board with disposal bin, or an icemaker!

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Accent Home Décor with Meaning:

A neutral, sophisticated pallet is popular again this year in home décor. It is the perfect backdrop for the highly stylized accent pieces that really give the flavor and meaning to a space. Look for eye-catching pieces such as large wicker, bamboo and water hyacinth baskets. I also love the smooth, grey-taupe of reclaimed wood that gives the appearance of age, but is fashioned in modern shapes. One of our favorites is the Gabby Home demilune table with linen inset doors. And finally, have fun with over-sized, unique accents such as a lantern. They are pictured everywhere – hanging over dining tables, sitting on the steps outside your door or placed on a sideboard.

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By Kristen G. Ursomarso Angerstein’s Building Supply & Design Center 315 New Road Wilmington, DE 19805 tel. 302-996-3500

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Fall Sale at Angersteins


Lighting Sale

In celebration of autumn, Angersteins is offering 20% off all lighting purchases – both in store and on e-commerce website,  From the website, they also offer free shipping for orders over $50.00 and tax-free shipping for out-of-state customers.

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Inclimate Weather Early Buy! Don’t wait until the snow and ice are on the ground, and traveling from place to place in search of salt, sand, shovels, generators, sump pumps is dangerous. Stop by Angersteins Hardware store for the supplies you need. Mention “Early Buy”, and you will receive 10% off your purchases as well as a free LED pocket light. When you lose your electricity in a snow storm, you’ll be happy that you stopped by Angersteins!

Dining Room Lighting – Angersteins


Dining Room Lighting

Dining room lighting should be both beautiful and functional. This can be accomplished using a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting. These various layers of light establish the mood for a variety of functions, including dining, homework or family bookkeeping. Dimming controls will enable you to vary the light for each function. Please visit our new website – free shipping over $150 and tax free!

Lighting Techniques for the Dining Room

A chandelier is often the focal point of a dining room. Suspended over the dining table, it serves as a decorative element that enhances the beauty of your fine furnishings. When the light is dimmed, a soft, glowing atmosphere similar to candlelight is created. If equipped with a downlight, the chandelier provides task lighting for the table and accent lighting for a centerpiece.


Choose a chandelier that is 6″ narrower than the smallest width of the dining table. If your table is 48″ x 72″, then the recommended width of the fixture is approximately 36″. The chandelier should hang approximately 30″ above the tabletop in an 8′ ceiling. For each additional foot of ceiling height, add one inch. In a 10′ ceiling, the chandelier should hang approximately 32″ above the table.
source: American Lighting Assoc.

Recessed or track lighting provides ambient lighting, while enabling you to highlight prized possessions throughout the room.
A row of four recessed downlights around the dining table supplements the light from the downlights while providing accent lighting for your tableware.

Whether it’s a single bath light or an entire house of lights, Angerstein’s Design Center provides the services to fit your needs.

  • Free lighting layout & design
  • Blueprint takeoffs (Please call for an appointment.)
  • Product scale and style guidance
  • Suggestions on color coordination and finishes
  • Landscape Lighting layout & design
  • Patio Furniture layout & design
  • Custom-sized mantel design (Please call for an appointment.)
  • Installation of fireplace glass doors, mantels & surrounds
  • Delivery
  • Angerstein’s “90 Days Same As Cash” credit card for those that qualify
  • Home & Garden seminar series in the spring & fall
  • Builders Model Home and Special Packages available
  • Member of the American Lighting Association
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau


Patio Furniture – Angersteins


Whether it’s a single bath light or an entire house of lights, Angerstein’s Design Center provides the services to fit your needs. Need assistance with your patio furniture layout & design? We have a fabulous selection to choose from!

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Hot Trends in Backyard Landscaping


Hot Trends in Backyard Landscaping

JUNE 7, 2012 BY 

Now is the best time of year to be outside enjoying our outdoor living areas. While “new” landscape design products are exciting to reveal, there are a few backyard products we all know and love that are blossoming this year.

One of the best examples is the outdoor firepit. What family wouldn’t love to gather around a warm, inviting fire? Today there is a bouquet of longer-lasting firepits from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

Classic Wood-Burning Firepits

Homeowners who prefer the beauty of a true wood-burning firepit now can choose rounded, square, rectangular, ground-hugging or bar height. Some are works of art, crafted from clay and stone, in a variety of colors that will make selecting a landscaping focal point easy. Many have large ledges that act as a table. Paving stone manufacturers, such as EP Henry, have caught onto this trend and now offer easy-to-build firepit packages with the right number of bricks along with the pan, screen and poker.

Clean-Burning Gas Firepits

The newest generation of gas firepits is incredibly convenient. Best of all, you avoid the hassle of finding dry wood, starter gel and a match to fire up your evening and the nuisance of smoke wafting in your direction. My favorite is a sleek, rectangle style, modeled after those cool linear direct-vent fireplaces for indoor use. It’s got a dark, charcoal grey base and stainless steel rectangular top. The fire line is cool, straight and narrow and has clear glass beads under the dancing flames. In a more traditionally designed space, try a square or oval gas firepit with a round or square fire line. Choose a softer base, with either stucco or stacked stone. If you want to add some pow to your firepit, change the color of the beads. The most popular, next to clear, is amber, but there are 18 colors to choose from.

Waterfalls in Color

Water is also finding new form this season. Waterfalls are more beautiful than ever with added color for night-time entertainment! Using LED lights and an ingenious remote control, you can pre-set your waterfall to illuminate colors throughout the evening – even red, white and blue for the Fourth of July. If you want turquoise to match your patio cushions, turn the dial on the remote and you’ll get a rainbow of blues. It’s really fun.

Low-Voltage Lighting Now Lasts Longer

Low-voltage landscape lighting is also sprouting new varieties. Manufacturers, such as Cast Landscape Lighting, are adding handsome LED lamps to their product lines faster than a slug can eat your favorite flower. Take advantage of the lighter load on your transformer and reduced maintenance. How does changing bulbs every five years sound, as compared to every year? If you are not ready to make that big of a change, try buying landscape lights with adjustable hubs. They lower the sockets so you can actually get your fingers in to change the bulb. Ah, spring blooms eternal.

Interior Design – Lighting Tips


Interior design expert Laurie Smith shows you how the decorative influence of a single table table lamp can add drama and complement a room’s color scheme. She also points outs how sconces and pendants can increase warm, ambient lighting in your home.


How can I determine the correct amount of xenon bulbs to place under a wall cabinet?
                                                         – Meghan F.

A good rule of thumb for calculating undercabinet lighting for xenon bulbs is to use approximately 54 watts per 6 square feet of cabinet or counter surface. For example, a surface that is 10 feet long and two feet deep equals 20 square feet. Divide 20 by 6, which gives you 3.33 (round down to 3). Therefore, you would need 3 xenon bulbs at 54 watts each.