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4 In The Air with RAB


RAB has a new program for companies that want to replace their inefficient parking lot lights called  “4 In the Air “. Angersteins will order you 4 FREE lights that you install and keep at no charge for 2 months. If you don’t like them, return them to us. If you decide to keep them – we will bill you for them.

Call us for an appointment today. We also stock RAB’s LED wall packs. All RAB LED fixtures have a 100,000 hour lifespan based on IES LM-80 results and TM-21 calculations.

We took down our parking lot lights, three 400 watt metal halide bulbs, replaced with 78 watt LED lights by RAB.

Lighting - LED

At 100,000 hours, light output drops to 70% of initial output. But even at 70%, the LEDs are still
going strong, with a difference that is only subtly discernable to the human eye.


New RAB lights at Angesteins