EPH Henry Pavingstones from AngersteinsINSIST ON THE BEST™

Angerstein’s is Delaware’s leading distributor of E. P. Henry™ Hardscaping™ products. E. P. Henry is the oldest family-owned and -operated manufacturer of unit concrete products in America and has long been committed to being the market leader in both consumer and commercial Hardscaping. E. P. Henry’s commitment goes beyond just having the highest quality materials and the broadest product offerings. The company also ensures that you get the best finished Hardscaping project. E. P. Henry is the leader in training professional Hardscaping contractors. Training sessions are held frequently at their facility throughout the year and the lessons go above and beyond industry certification standards. Each February, the company holds an annual Midatlantic Hardscaping Trade Show. Again, this event keeps their suppliers and Hardscaping professionals up-to-date on industry changes and provides continuing education to those in the field who work with their product. It is because of these standards of excellence that Angerstein’s has created a partnership with E. P. Henry.

Outdoor living at its finest by EP Henry and Angersteins

Angerstein’s is E. P. Henry’s top Authorized Hardscaping Distributor in the state of Delaware. We have been selling E. P. Henry paving stones for over 18 years.  Because of this, our sales associates are well-versed in all things Hardscaping. Angerstein’s sales associates can walk you through your project from start to finish. They can provide you with ideas, show you beautiful product displays, assist with material calculations, accessories and the tools and equipment needed to complete your project. We even sell landscape lighting, grills and patio furniture to put on your patio after it’s completed!  Angerstein’s is a full-stocking distributor and can usually fill any order in just a few days.

Angerstein’s has two convenient locations in Delaware – in Wilmington, and close to the beaches, in Sussex County, in the town of Milton. You can pick up your paving stone order or we can deliver directly to you. Just like E. P. Henry, Angerstein’s is dedicated to educating our customers. We hold several paving stone “How To Install” seminars each year.

Please contact us f you would like to be on our mailing lists for Angerstein’s events. Even if you do not plan to install your own patio, we recommend that you attend the seminar to learn more about the installation process.

Not a Do-It-Yourselfer? Angerstein’s can lead you in the right direction by recommending one of our Authorized Hardscaping Contractors. Authorized Hardscaping Contractors are independent contractors who are not industry certified, but they have also met the standards set by E. P. Henry to ensure the highest level of performance.

Specialty Hardscaping Products

Angerstein’s also carries a beautiful, high-end line of paving stones QuarryCut. Nothing says timeless like genuine stone  – each piece its own majestic work of art.  Available in a rich array of colors and styles, our thin cut stone dazzles the senses with  exquisite beauty and incomparable glamour. Make your home a masterpiece.Please call our sales associates for pricing and availability.

Once you’ve finished your paving stone project, it may still not be complete. By installing a PaverArt medallion or custom design, you will certainly distinguish yourself from your neighbor’s paving stone project. PaverArt designs are crafted from pigmented, concrete paving stones that are built to withstand the test of time. Certainly their beauty will be something you’ll love forever. Please call our store for more information.

In order to protect your paving stone or hardscaping project, many customers turn to Angerstein’s for care and maintenance products and tips. Angerstein’s carries a line of products by TechniSeal® that will help consumers protect their investment. TechniSeal manufactures premium products engineered to clean and protect interlocking pavers. Call Angerstein’s for more information about these excellent products.

Don’t forget the lighting!

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