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Lighting your entry area, don’t just concentrate on the inside lighting. The lighting outside your entry area, as well as the way the inside light is seen from outside your home, combine to create your home’s welcoming appeal. Be sure to direct some of the outside light downward to illuminate walking paths. And once inside, provide some overhead light to eliminate unwelcoming shadows.

Outdoor Lighting

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Keep in mind that light that shines upward or directly toward people’s eyes can create uncomfortable glare.¬†Sooner or later, some of your guests will visit the powder room. Everyone feels better when they like what they see in the mirror, so choose light bulbs that flatter skin tones. And fixtures with an unexpected pop of texture and pattern can turn an otherwise ordinary space into an interesting private retreat.

In the living area, whether enjoying family time or entertaining, proper lighting makes every activity more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. An important element to a perfectly lit living area is proportion. Add the number of feet in your room’s length, width and height. That number (in feet) should be approximately the same as the number of inches of your light fixture’s height. Also, that fixture should hang 78-84 inches from the floor (as measured from the bottom of the fixture).

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